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Supermarkets make slow progress on their supply chains

Six of the UK’s biggest supermarkets have made slow progress in the last year to remove human suffering from their global food supply chains, according to research published in July  2019 by Oxfam.

The supermarket scorecard, which is in its second year, assessed the supermarkets in four key areas: transparency including with consumers about where food comes from, conditions for workers, conditions for small-scale farmers, and tackling discrimination against women. 

Rachel Wilshaw, Oxfam’s Ethical Trade Manager, said: “It is especially concerning that Morrisons and Lidl continue to receive no score for ensuring that women workers are treated fairly and equally. More targeted measures are needed to tackle the exploitation of women workers as this remains a major weakness across all of the supermarket supply chains.”

The rating doesn’t currently look at our better scoring supermarket brands – Co-op, M&S and Waitrose.

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