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Issue 197

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Shopping guides: Cars & Electric cars, Bicycles & e-bikes, Travel Booking companies

Features: Is Big Oil serious about tackling climate change?

The green transport hierarchy - which transport is best for the climate?

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July/August 2022
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Shopping guides:

  • Cars & electric cars
  • Bicycles & e-bikes
  • Travel booking companies

The magazine includes:

  • score tables rating and comparing the brands
  • Best Buy recommendations
  • which electric car scores the best?
  • should I buy a hybrid car?
  • what to do if I can't buy electric now
  • e-bike or mechanical bike?
  • the problems of the minerals used in electric batteries
  • how to get more women riding bicycles
  • the problem of holiday homes and tourism
  • Airbnb and its alternatives
  • how to choose destinations reachable by train, coach and ferry
  • transport options compared on climate - bike vs bus vs train vs car vs plane
  • is Big Oil serious about tackling climate change?
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