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Government told to “fix fashion”

Last issue, we reported on the ongoing parliamentary investigation into the sustainability of the fashion industry. The investigation is now complete and the Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) has released its report.

It covers a range of environmental and social areas, focusing specifically on waste. It also discusses the need for radical changes to the whole economic structure of the fashion industry, to address the huge environmental and social costs of ‘fast fashion’.

The EAC has made 16 key recommendations to the Government, demanding action before the end of this parliament. These include recommendations to: 

  • Strengthen the Modern Slavery Act and improve workers’ rights and transparency in fashion supply chains. 
  • Encourage low-impact manufacturing and reuse, repair and recycle models. These include tax incentives and incorporating education on it into schools.
  • Address the issue of plastic microfibres. Recommendations include encouraging collaboration between the fashion industry, water and washing machine companies; tax reforms; and measures to reduce the impact of synthetic fibres on garment workers.
  • Address waste in the fashion industry. Recommendations include banning the incinerating or landfilling of unsold stock that can be reused or recycled, and introducing Extended Producer Responsibility Schemes for textile companies.

The full report and full list of recommendations is entitled ‘Fixing fashion: clothing consumption and sustainability’.

Want to encourage the Government to act on this report? You can easily message your MP to do so.

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