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On 16/08/2022, Ethical Consumer viewed the website of Apple Inc, looking for information on what the company was doing to tackle climate change. It's 2022 Environmental Progress Report was viewed.

Ethical Consumer was looking for the company to satisfy the following criteria in its public statements and reports:

1.a For the company to discuss its areas of climate impact, and to discuss plausible ways it has cut them in the past, and ways that it will cut them in the future.

1.b For the company to not be involved in any particularly damaging projects like tar sands, oil or aviation, to not be subject to damning secondary criticism regarding it’s climate actions, and to have a policy to avoid investing in fossil fuels.

2. For the company to report annually on its scope 1&2 greenhouse gas emissions (direct emissions by the company).

3. For the company to go some way towards reporting its scope 3 emissions (emissions from the supply chain, investments and sold products).

4. For the company to have a target to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions in line with international agreements, and to not count offsetting towards this target.

If a company met all of these criteria it would receive a best rating. If it met parts 1&2 (impacts and annual reporting CO2e) it would receive a middle rating. Otherwise it would receive a worst rating.
Companies of any size whose core focus was related to climate change mitigation were also only required to meet part 1 for a best rating and would receive a middle rating even if they did not directly meet any criteria.

The company discussed:

Improving the energy efficiency of its products

Operating Apple facilities efficiently

Regarding energy efficiency in its supply chain, the report stated "we launched our Supplier Energy Efficiency Program in 2015 with the goal of helping suppliers optimize their facilities and operations to use as little energy as possible"

Regarding the use of renewable electricity, the report stated "Apple has generated or sourced 100 percent renewable electricity for its corporate operations since 2018 and we are now committed to transitioning our entire supply chain to 100 percent renewable electricity as well." and further stated: "Our retail stores, data centers, and offices around the world
currently source 100 percent renewable electricity."

This was considered to constitute an adequate discussion of how it had cut its climate impacts in the past and would continue to do so.

1.b The company was not found to be involved in particularly climate damaging projects.

2. The company reported its annual scope 1 and 2 emissions in CO2e for the year 2021 as follows:

Scope 1: 55,200 tonnes CO2e
Scope 2 (market-based): 2,780 tonnes CO2e

3. The company reported its scope 3 emissions in CO2e for the year 2021 including Manufacturing (purchased goods and services), product transportation (upstream and downstream), product use (use of sold products) and end-of-life treatment to be:
16,200,000 tonnes CO2e

4. The company had a target in line with international agreements which does not appear to include offsetting:

"61.7 percent by fiscal year 2030 relative to our fiscal year 2019 emissions." It further stated "This SBTi-validated target is derived from our target to reduce emissions by 75 percent by fiscal year 2030 — only with a 2019 base year, instead of 2015."

Overall, Apple Inc received a best Ethical Consumer rating for carbon management and reporting.


2022 Environmental Progress Report (15 August 2022)