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Ethical Consumer viewed a report from China Labor Watch released in September 2019 and called "iPhone 11 Illegally Produced in China".

It detailed extensive labour abuses at Zhengzhou Foxconn factory supplying Apple, based on undercover reporters who had worked at the factory for four years. Dubbed Apple’s “iPhone City”, Zhengzhou Foxconn is the largest iPhone factory in the world. Spanning 1.4 million square meters, it is here that workers toil daily to produce half of the iPhones sold worldwide.

Among the findings, the report detailed that wages were insufficient to support a family living in Zhengzhou, and social insurance contributions fell short of the legal requirement. The report also alleged that Foxconn had violated restrictions on overtime and dispatch workers as stipulated under Chinese labour law. During peak seasons, workers at Zhengzhou Foxconn reportedly worked at least 100 overtime hours a month under pressure to meet targets, exceeding the legal maximum.

The report alleged that although Apple and its supplier Foxconn are aware of these restrictions on dispatch workers and overtime work hours, they do not implement these regulations.
Findings on working conditions at Zhengzhou Foxconn highlights several issues which are in violation of Apple’s own code of conduct. Apple has the responsibility and capacity to make fundamental improvements to the working conditions along its supply chain, however, Apple is now transferring costs from the trade war through their suppliers to workers and profiting from the exploitation of Chinese workers.

As a result Apple lost a full mark in the Workers' Rights category.


iPhone 11 Illegally Produced in China (September 2019)