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In May 2020, Ethical Consumer viewed an article dated January 2020 on Greenpeace's website which discussed the performance of Google, Amazon in Microsoft on climate change issues.

The article stated: "Amazon’s renewable commitment also only covers its own operations and electricity use, but leaves out its supply chain — which, in Amazon’s case, is more than 75% of its overall carbon footprint. Amazon Web Services is the largest cloud service provider in the world, with an ever growing network of data centers, often situated in locations with dirty forms of energy. What’s more, with a delivery network as vast as Amazon’s, the company should set more aggressive goals to transition to a fully electric fleet and other lower carbon options. Plus, Amazon is offering machine learning and other AI technologies to oil companies like BP, Shell and others. That’s essentially two steps back for every step forward, Amazon."

As a result of this criticism, Amazon lost half a mark under the Climate Change category.


Microsoft, Google, Amazon – Who’s the Biggest Climate Hypocrite? (2020)