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In April 2020 Ethical Consumer viewed the Stada Remuneration Report for FY2018 (published in 2019). It listed the following remuneration figures over £1,000,000:
Dr. Barthold Piening, Chief Technical Officer: EURO 2,159,000
Peter Goldschmidt, Chairman of the Executive Board: EURO 1,248,000
Ethical Consumer deemed any annual remuneration over £1,000,000 to be excessive. Therefore, Stada lost half a mark under Anti-Social Finance.


Remuneration Report 2019 (2019)

In April 2020 Ethical Consumer viewed the corporate family tree of Stada on the D&B Hoovers database. It indicated that the company’s UHC, Nidda Topco (a company that did not appear to have any web presence), was located in Luxembourg, which was considered a tax haven by Ethical Consumer at the time of writing. This was considered a high risk company structure for the likely use of tax avoidance strategies. The company also owned ordinary subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Ireland and Hong Kong as well as one high risk company in Ireland. This was a holding company named CLONMEL HEALTHCARE LIMITED.

An internet search using the search terms “Stada tax policy statement country” found no country-by-country financial information or reporting (CBCR). Ethical Consumer also could not find a clear public tax statement confirming that it was this company’s policy not to engage in tax avoidance activity or to use tax havens for tax avoidance purposes along with a narrative explanation for what each group entity located in a tax haven was for, and why it was not being used for purposes of tax minimisation.
Given that Stada had two or more high risk subsidiaries in jurisdictions on Ethical Consumer's tax haven list and no country-by-country financial information, nor adequate policy statement and narrative explanation, the company received Ethical Consumer's worst rating for likely use of tax avoidance strategies and lost a whole mark under Anti-Social Finance.


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