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In April 2020 Ethical Consumer searched the Stada website for a policy on Animal Testing. No information was found other than a statement contained in a number of “Company Presentations”. While those documents dated prior to 2016 stated “no animal testing” under a section titled “Code of Conduct”, the 2016 document stated “Risk-averse business model: no research, very few clinical studies and animal experiments, therefore no risk concentration”. This indicated that some animal testing was done. Further information or a clear policy could not be found. The company did not appear to have a clear policy nor fixed cut-off date after which no new ingredients would have been tested on animals. As the company operated in a sector where animal testing was common and appeared likely to be involved in animal testing in some form it received Ethical Consumer’s worst rating for animal testing and lost a whole mark under the Animal Testing category.


Stada website (8 May 2019)