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In February 2020 Ethical Consumer viewed the Pets At Home website and found a number of wooden products on sale, many of which did not appear to be FSC accredited. The company would be expected to publish a timber sourcing policy. No such information could be found.

Ethical Consumer ranked companies for their timber sourcing policies according to the ten topics listed below. A best rating would cover six of the following topics:
1. having a timber sourcing policy that covers all timber and timber-derived products
2. the exclusion of illegal timber or that sourced from unknown sources and
3. a discussion on how a company ensures/ implements this
4. clear targets for sourcing timber from sustainably managed sources
5. a discussion of a good minimum standard
6. preference given to certified sources
7. a discussion about tropical hardwoods (THW) and the percentage of THW sourced that are FSC certified
8. involvement with a multi-stakeholder initiative or bridging programme such as the World Wildlife Fund- Global Forest Trade Network
9. use of reclaimed or recycled wood/ paper
10. a high total percentage (50%+) of FSC certified timber sourced by the company.

Pets At Home therefore received a worst rating for its timber sourcing policy and lost whole mark under Habitats and Resources.

Reference: (12 February 2020)