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In February 2020 Ethical Consumer searched the Pets at Home website for their environmental report. However, no such reporting could be found.

An environmental policy was deemed necessary to report on a company's environmental performance and set targets for reducing its impacts in the future. A strong policy would include two future, quantified environmental targets, demonstration by the company that it had a reasonable understanding of its main environmental impacts, be dated within two years and have its environmental data independently verified.

There was some information on the group's environmental actions in their annual report.
This information talked about the carbon emissions of the business, had two short paragraphs on packaging, and had limited statements on water and energy use. There were no future dated, and quantifiable targets and the environmental section did not appear to be independently verified.

Pets At Home did not meet any of these criteria therefore it received Ethical Consumer's worst rating for Environmental Reporting and lost a whole mark in this category.

Reference: (12 February 2020)