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According to the Pets at Home PLC annual report 2018, viewed by Ethical Consumer in February 2020, the company had a number of subsidiaries in jurisdictions considered to be tax havens at the time of writing.
This included two high risk companies in Guernsey (an IP company and a holding company).
- Vets4Pets Holdings Limited
- Vets4Pets I.P. Limited.
The company did have a tax statement. However, this did not include a mention of country by country reporting nor clear public tax statement confirming that it was this company’s policy not to engage in tax avoidance activity or to use tax havens for tax avoidance purposes.

The company did have a tax strategy statement which said, "As a responsible retailer, the Pets at Home Group takes its tax compliance responsibilities seriously and places a high value on its relationship with HMRC.

The Group recognises that the taxes paid directly to and collected on behalf of HMRC are of a material nature for UK Treasury purposes and the Group seeks to ensure the integrity of all reported tax numbers and to ensure compliance with all our tax obligations. Accordingly, the Group endeavours to comply with all relevant tax legislation, regulations and obligations regarding the filing of tax returns and payment of taxes."

Given that Pets at Home had two high risk subsidiaries in jurisdictions on Ethical Consumer's tax haven list and no country-by-country financial information, nor adequate policy statement and narrative explanation, the company received Ethical Consumer's worst rating for likely use of tax avoidance strategies.

Reference: (18 February 2