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In June 2019, Ethical Consumer viewed the 2019 Tailored Wages UK report, published by Labour Behind the Label. The report assessed whether leading clothing brands ensured that garment workers were paid a living wage. The report scored the companies using five categories: A to E. ‘A’ represented the best and ‘E’ representing the worst.

Amazon did not fill the Labour Behind the Label survey in, a survey which was sent out to all 32 clothing brands assessed in order to gather relevant information. Thus, no evidence was presented that workers are being paid a living wage and there was no approach found to paying a living wage.

About Amazon, the report stated: “Amazon have no policy on living wage and make no mention of wages being enough to cover workers’ basic needs in their supplier code. It is appalling that a market player of this size and influence has managed to take so little responsibility for human rights at its suppliers, and has taken such a hands off approach to this vital issue. Amazon must step up its game, commit to ensuring its business provides decent work and living wages to workers who make its goods, and look into supporting legally-binding, enforceable ways to deliver a living wage in its supply chain.”

Amazon scored a grade E in the report. Therefore, it lost a half mark under the Workers’ Rights category.


Tailored Wages 2019 (2019)