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In April 2019 Ethical Consumer viewed Pfizer's website,, for the company's environmental report. Pfizer stated that its "green journey" focused on three key areas - energy, waste and water. It had a goal for each of these areas.

The goals were all compared to 2012 baseline and were to be acheived by 2020:

* 20% GHG emissions reduction
* 15% waste disposed reduction
* 5% water use reduction

Pfizer's website also included more detailed information on perserving natural resources, greener workplace, greener processes, avoiding overuse of antibiotics and product packaging.

Overall Pfizer was considered to show a reasonable understanding of its main environmental impacts and it had two or more quantified dated targets. However the report was not independently verified.
Pfizer receievd Ethical Consumer's middle rating for environmental reporting.


website (23 April 2019)

In May 2019 Ethical Consumer searched the Pfizer website for the company's policy on the use of the hazardous chemicals parabens, triclosan and phthalates.

Some forms or uses of these chemicals are banned or restricted in the EU or the USA.

Triclosan is an antibacterial and is a suspected endocrine disruptor. Parabens are also endocrine disruptors and have been linked to breast cancer and are used as preservatives. Phthalates, usually DEP or DBP, are used in fragrances and are endocrine disruptors.

A strong policy on toxics would be no use of these chemicals or clear, dated targets for ending their use.
Nothing could be found that specifically mentioned these three chemicals.

Therefore the company received Ethical Consumer's worst rating on toxics.


website (23 April 2019)