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In June 2018 the Business and Human Rights Resource Centre reported that "Investigation finds workers not paid legally at Foxconn's Hengyang plant, which produces Amazon products".
It stated, "A report from the New York-based China Labor Watch found that the Hengyang Foxconn plant in Hunan province, which primarily makes devices for Amazon, relies on temporary workers with a high turnover rate, pays them far less than the local average".
"A China Labor Watch investigator went undercover as a worker to interview 20 other workers at this factory and to observe conditions…He found that workers are supposed to earn an hourly wage of 14.5 RMB ($2.26), but that’s actually a base wage of 13.5 RMB ($2.11) with a 1 RMB hourly attendance bonus that’s hard to earn…Even though Chinese law says that monthly overtime shouldn’t exceed 36 hours, Foxconn workers at this factory were found to put in over 100 hours of overtime each month during peak production season. The report finds that some workers worked 14 days in a row with no days off…"
"Another work hazard is the lack of fire safety: there are no exits or labeled escape routes and no fire safety drills."
The company lost a mark under Worker's Rights.


Workers not paid legally at Amazon supplier (June 2018)