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WWF, Pesticide Action Network UK and Solidaridad published a report in July 2017 regarding the cotton sector and its sustainability. Their overall objective was to highlight progress achieved and opportunities for improvement that would accelerate transformation of the cotton market towards sustainability.

This second edition of the ranking provided:
- an update on the market for more sustainable cotton (cultivation and uptake);
- an update on company performance compared to the previous year;
- a performance assessment of an expanded list of companies from around the world.

Companies were ranked according to three criteria: policy, uptake and traceability. was one of the companies rated in the 2017 report. Its total score was 0/100.
Policy: 0/20.
Uptake: 0/55
Traceability: 0/25 scored 0 out of 100 points in this ranking – showing no significant performance on more sustainable cotton, and had therefore was rated as having 'not yet started' its journey to sustainable cotton.


Sustainable Cotton Ranking (2017)